Awesome natural disaster videos from Earth Poster Book!

March 27, 2015

Here you will find links to videos referenced in our Earth Poster Book as being found at Find extreme weather videos and lots of wild animal videos, to help explain animal behaviour and natural disasters for kids. 

Watch an iceberg calving video.

See an underwater volcanic eruption in this pillow lava video.

Watch a video and witness hurricane force winds. 

Discover how slow aa lava flows in this volcano video for kids.

See a hermit crab eating. 

See a hermit crab walking.

See a hermit crab giving birth.

Watch a lemon shark feeding in this lemon shark video.

Find out about how a lemon shark bites.

See a lemon shark swimming.

Watch a green turtle feeding on a jellyfish.

See turtles swimming in this coral reef video.

Find out about the habits of an Emperor penguin colony in the Antarctic in this penguin video.

Watch a video of a killer whale breaching. 

See a pod of killer whales swimming.

Did you enjoy these videos? Let us know in the comments section below. Find more video link blog posts on our Kids' Activity Corner page!


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