How to… teach the Easter story to kids

April 01, 2015

Some of us know the First Easter story better than others, and some of us really want to learn more about it. Check out these ideas that we think will help you understand the story better for yourself and inspire you how to teach the Easter story to kids.

1. We found many different examples of creating an Easter countdown that kids can interact with, including posters and a box of props that symbolises the meaning of each day. Our favourite was the ‘resurrection eggs’ idea as it uses an object that children associate with Easter.

2. You can bake ‘resurrection rolls’ and explain the idea of Jesus being inside the tomb and miraculously disappearing. The rolls will become empty just like the tomb, after Jesus had risen again. Here is a simple recipe to follow:

3. You can always rely on a good book to explain complicated ideas in a fun way. Our My Bible Sticker Activity The First Easter book retells the story for children, in a way they can understand, and contains fun activities to complete with stickers along the way.

4. There are lots of free colouring sheets to make a First Easter storyboard. Another way of approaching this is by reenacting the story. You can create the characters of the story and the scene, and act it out with your child. Try using these figures:

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We hope you like our how to teach the Easter story ideas! Let us know what you think in the comments section below.