How to… make slime for kids!

Make playtime exciting and stimulating with super slime!

Kids will love playing with this extra-special playtime accessory and won’t hide their excitement at wanting to get stuck in. Not only is slime great fun but it’s also a great tool for sensory learning and as a science experiment.

We’ve scoured the web to find you some of the best slime recipes, which are easy and simple to make. Here are our top slime recipes:

Simple Slime by Learn – Play – Imagine
This simple slime recipe just uses clear kids’ glue and liquid starch!

You’ll need: clear glue and liquid starch

Glitter Slime by Growing a Jeweled Rose
This Frozen-inspired recipe for slime is just like the simple slime but instead of using clear kids’ glue it uses coloured glitter glue. As an alternative, you could just add glitter and food colouring to make simple slime extra special.

You’ll need: glitter glue, liquid starch, food colouring and glitter

Fluffy Slime by Sow Sprout Play
By adding shaving foam to this slime, it creates a new fluffy texture that kids will love squishing through their fingers. Add neon food colouring and googly eyes to create monster-like slime!

You’ll need: shaving foam, clear glue, liquid starch, neon food colouring and googly eyes

Bubbling Slime by Epic Fun for Kids
Instead of traditional slime, why not add a learning element to your fun time. By creating this bubbling slime using vinegar, xanthan gum and baking soda, you can teach your children about chemical reactions and also use it for sensory learning. This bubbling slime can last for days!

You’ll need: vinegar, xanthan gum, baking soda and food colouring

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