How to... organise your child’s toys!

We’ve put together some great tips on kids’ storage ideas and how you can organise your child’s toys.

Whether you want to cut the clutter or manage the mayhem, we’ve found a great list of ideas that could help you on the way to organised paradise!

Rotational boxes
Create rotational boxes full of toys for playtime, which will keep kids entertained for longer. Instead of a barrage of toys to choose from, creating a system where only a selection of toys is available means there is less to tidy up, children can get more creative as they are only focusing on small amount of toys and it saves space.

Under-bed storage
Under-bed storage is a simple and effective way to organise and conceal items that are not used all of the time. Use under-bed storage for shoes, clothes, books or toys.

Categorise toys & label
Categorise your child’s toys and sort them into plastic boxes or bins. Make sure you clearly label each box so you know what is inside and you don’t have to go hunting through each box to find what you are looking for.

Repurposed shoe organiser
Repurpose a hanging shoe organiser by turning it into a storage aid for dolls, crafts, cars, action figures or stuffed animals.

Toy box
A toy box is a classic way to organise toys. By making dividers or using boxes, you can make a toy box even easier to use and arrange.

Garden planters
Get creative with garden flower planters by painting them and mounting them to the wall and filling them with toys and books.

Large storage jars
Use large food storage jars to organise craft supplies, small cars, action figures or doll accessories.

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