Miles Kelly books included in the Summer Reading Challenge 2015

We are delighted to announce that two of our books have been chosen for the Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge 2015! The theme this year is ‘Record Breakers’ and authors and publishers are able to submit books that they believe fit the criteria and are age appropriate, for either the younger collection (ages 4-7), or the older collection (ages 8-11).

100 Facts Speed and 100 Facts Extreme Survival, were selected from our bestselling 100 Facts series, as they are popular non-fiction books for children. Both books feature many world record achievements, and stats and facts related to each subject for children to learn.

The Summer Reading Challenge is an annual event that takes place over the summer holidays, with the aim of encouraging children to continue to read whilst they are away from school. The challenge is to read six library books over the course of the summer break, collecting stickers and rewards along the way, and finally receiving a medal on completion.

A wide selection of books from the Summer Reading Challenge book selection will be displayed in libraries and available for children to check out.

Visit the Summer Reading Challenge to find out more about how to get involved.

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