Once upon a... World Storytelling Day at Miles Kelly

March 19, 2015





As it’s World Storytelling Day, the team at Miles Kelly was asked to think about their favourite children’s book character. For a bit of fun, and to test your book knowledge, see if you can work out who they are, based on these clues, written from the character’s point of view.

Tom – I live for fast cars. King of the road they call me – well at least they did until I had that silly misunderstanding. Now my reputation is in tatters, but don’t worry, I have a cunning plan involving women’s clothes and a new set of wheels.

Amanda – What a bunch of idiots, I can’t believe I have been getting away with stealing from them for so long. I hope they don’t catch me though because I can’t see a way of me getting up and out of here – I will have to burrow down instead!

Caroline – My friends always ask me why I hide, but everywhere I go, I somehow find myself amongst a huge crowd of people and can’t find my way out. It’s lucky I have a bright bobble hat otherwise you’d never have any chance of finding me.

Sarah – Can’t wait to get my test paper back from the teacher. Oh no! Something must have gone wrong, I never get any questions wrong normally. I am going back to the common room to study all night – just me and Crookshanks!

Liz – Everything is so unfair! My dad didn’t buy me a car for my birthday, I know I am not old enough to drive but so what, I can do whatever I like! My parents aren’t poor like the others so why do I have to suffer so much. I HATE MY LIFE!

Amy – It’s ok looking back over past experiences now that I am back safe in the countryside. The days in London were tough. They didn’t treat us very nicely at all, and they were heavy people – if only they knew we could talk, they’d know we are far more superior beings. Squire Gordon knew that!

Katie – Dear Diary, I caused a bit of mischief at teatime by starting a food fight – they were not impressed. I don’t care though, I won’t be staying here forever, it’s juts like a horrible hotel that I have to put up with until my mum pulls up in her sports car and whisks me away forever.

Rosie – I hated where I lived before, they treated me like a freak but my new mum appreciates my talents. I still have to be careful not to use them all the time though. I love reading and learning things from her.

Steph – This barn was so lonely until she came along. She is an intelligent little creature writing those messages, and they’re really working – it seems as though they’re going to save my life. Maybe I will get to see that lovely girl who looked after me again.

Lorraine – I’m off out on the South Seas today, on my father’s boat. I lifted the anchor, which was as light as a feather. My pigtails are blowing in the wind, Mr Nilsson is by my side and there’s a whole lot of fun to be had.

Libbe – We are so poor but any spare change my parents have goes on buying me a treat or two. I do love treats. Other children don’t know how lucky they are, although I feel very lucky to have all my family around me. One day our luck might change.

Claire – Where has he gone? I bet those evil people I have been hearing about have taken him in the night. I need my best friend back, college is even worse than normal without him. I wonder if this is anything to do with the lecture about other worlds? Somebody doesn’t like Uncle talking about that.

Becky – I am happy as long as I have got my best friends and and a pot of honey! We’re always going on new adventures in the wood, although we come across trouble from time to time. I wish one of my friends would stop bouncing around all the time, it’s a bit tiring.

Do you know who our favourite book characters are? What are you doing to celebrate World Storytelling Day? Let us know in the comments section below or via Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t forget, our Classic Treasury books are on offer, so you can share more stories this World Storytelling Day.


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