Draw! A spring cleaning fairy

March 10, 2015

Kids can get involved with the spring cleaning this year by learning how to draw a fairy with this activity for kids, straight from our How to Draw Magical Fairies book. Children can celebrate spring by inventing their own fairy characters and giving them special names.

Download and print off the how to draw a fairy step-by-step guide.

Step 1
To create the outline of the body:
• A bell shape will help you form the skirt of the dress
• Add a squashed square for the torso
• Draw the petal-shaped wings
• The fourth wing is hidden behind the fairy’s body

Step 2
To add limbs and other features:
• Because she is looking to one side, the left line of the neck is shorter than the right
• Use rounded shapes for the hands holding the broom
• Add rough shapes for the feet
• Begin to draw the apron

Step 3
To start adding more detailed features:
• Add the facial features
• Shape the top of the dress
• Start to draw the gloves and boots
• Begin to add detail to the broom

Step 4
To create a sense of movement:
• Make the long hair plaited
• Add smudges of dirt with a pencil
• Use little lines for the broom
• Lines will show the dust flying up from the floor

Step 5
To bring your fairy to life:
• Colour in the fairy
• Use shades of brown to draw the floor that she is sweeping

And ta da! There's a magical fairy right before your eyes!

Did you enjoy our how to draw a fairy guide? Let us know in the comments section below. Send us a picture of your finished fairy to Facebook or Twitter.