New! My First Fun Flashcards Set

March 30, 2015

Our brilliant My First Fun Flashcards range for toddlers aged 3+ is now available as a collection of the four flashcards sets – ABC, 123, Colours and Shapes, and Animals, in a collectable My First Fun Flashcards Set.

Each pack in the My First Fun Flashcards Set contains 27 double-sided cards (as shown below), covering a variety of different subject matters and includes different levels of difficulty, so that toddlers can progress to learning more complex ideas when they feel ready.


My First Fun Flashcards ABC uses both recognisable and perhaps more unfamiliar items to represent alphabet letters; for instance ‘b is for ball’ and ‘r is for robot’. This is the same with My First Fun Flashcards 123, which uses a wide range of examples such as ‘eight dinosuars’ and ‘eighteen cupcakes’ to make learning to count more enjoyable.  


In My First Fun Flashcards Colours and Shapes, difficult shapes are compared to everyday objects of the same shape to help kids understand their form, and in My First Fun Flashcards Animals, each new wild animal is accompanied by a description of its behaviour or characteristics, to help kids comprehend new concepts.


Every card uses bright colours, clear photography and simple yet well-chosen text to engage preschool children through visual stimulation and creative play. The cards are easy to grip for small hands, and shiny, which makes them visually appealing. They are also made from a sturdy material that can withstand constant use and lots of playtime.


Each set contains a handy instruction card for parents, detailing how to use the flashcards in basic games. These double-sided cards feature an overview of the pack and in some cases an additional activity, such as a plus and minus card for doing sums with number flashcards or a primary colour guide to help kids understand mixing colours.


See a bigger view of the instruction cards.

Discover how you can get your hands on a complete My First Fun Flashcard Set in our Instagram and Pinterest competition!

Do you like the look of our flashcards for toddlers? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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