Flashcard games – learning through play that kids will love!

March 30, 2015

There is a debate about whether or not flashcards for toddlers are still relevant in today’s world of apps and other digital learning games for kids, but Miles Kelly believes that used in the right way, flashcards are still great for learning through play.

Our range of My First Fun Flashcards are anything but traditional. They come in the traditional format, but use striking, colour photos that will appeal to children’s visual senses and fun text that will excite them to learn more.

We have put together some flashcard game ideas and tips on how to use flashcards to help you get the most from any flashcard set.

Using alphabet flashcards:
• Hold up the flashcard and ask your child to sound out each letter. Help them if needed.
• Pick a card and ask your child to find an object in the room that starts with that letter.
• Place two cards on the table that make up the last two letters of a three-letter word (for example, ‘i’ and ‘g’). Explore which letters, such as ‘p’, could go at the start to make a new word.

Using number flashcards:
• Choose a number and ask your child to find the next in sequence.
• Name a card and then ask your child to find it – “Find the card with number 3”.
• Choose two cards and let your child decide which card’s number is bigger or smaller. Use the words ‘more’ and ‘less’, and ‘bigger’ and ‘smaller’ when comparing cards.

Using animal flashcards:
• Describe an animal, and ask your child to guess what it is and hold up the right card.
• Ask your child to pick an animal card and try and make the noises of the animal.
• Group the animals into different categories. For example colour, number of legs etc.





Using colour and shape flashcards:
• Choose a card and ask your child to think of more things that are the same colour or shape. For example sunflowers and lemons for the yellow card.
• Ask your child to group shapes into whether they have straight or curved lines.
• Encourage your child to draw a range of shapes in different colours. For example draw a pink square or a green circle and ask your child to find the matching two colour and shape cards.

These game ideas are just suggestions to get you started and can be built upon to create your own fun games for learning through play. Here are some ideas from some amazing parent bloggers for how to use flashcards:

Rachel of The Ordinary Lovely (formerly, Three Years and Home) has a really fun idea of taking the flashcards to the zoo and matching up the animals.

Tom of Diary of the Dad let his son come up with a game idea. He reads out the facts about each animal and lets his younger brother guess what it is.

Anna of In the Playroom had many great ideas, one in particular was a flashcard treasure hunt, hiding flashcards near an object it is related to and giving children letter clues.

Stacey of Five’s a Fellowship let her children take over, her daughter liked lining them up in rows and then putting the colours in order.

Evette of Bizzimummy has come up with an idea for older children that involves asking them to group animals such as mammals and reptiles.

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