Molly Olly's Wishes charity to launch new book called Olly the Brave and the Wigglys

Molly Olly's Wishes charity is to launch a brand new book called Olly the Brave and the Wigglys to help young children with terminal and life-threatening illnesses.

The Molly Olly's Wishes charity does fantastic work to help support the families of children who are suffering from serious illnesses – they offer both emotional and financial support.

Olly the Brave, a cuddly lion with a detachable mane and two central lines coming out from his chest, was created to normalise the lines for children and to help them come to terms with them. Central lines, or as they are also called, wigglys, are put into the chest to reduce the number of needles needed for blood tests and also means medicines can be intravenously fed into the body. Olly the Brave also has a detachable mane, which shows children that even if you lose your hair you still look beautiful.

Olly the Brave – Molly Olly's Wishes – Miles Kelly

Written and illustrated by Diane Maybey, Olly the Brave and the Wigglys storybook has been created especially for those children who are undergoing treatment for terminal or life threatening illnesses and tells the story of Olly getting his wigglys. The story is accompanied by beautiful artwork and there is also a reward chart, doodle pages and colour-in bugs at the back. Miles Kelly helped Molly Olly's Wishes with the creation of the book and offered their support throughout the whole process.

Olly the Brave and the Wigglys – Molly Olly's Wishes – Miles Kelly

This book is an extremely helpful and vital tool for helping children understand and come to terms with this kind of treatment.

Olly the Brave and the Wigglys is released on 5 March 2015.

If you would like to know more about the Molly Olly's Wishes charity and Olly the Brave, or you would like to donate to their fantastic cause, please head over the Molly Olly's Wishes website.

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