Take a ride on our new Convertible book – Convertible Tractor!

February 23, 2015

Miles Kelly is excited to announce the release of our new Convertible book, Convertible Tractor! Kids aged 3+ can learn and play on the farm from their own living room! There is a story of a typical day in the life of Bob the Farmer for kids to enjoy, and as always, it becomes an amazing sit-in vehicle. Kids can take on the role of farmer for themselves and run their own farm.

For those who have never seen a Convertible book in action, here’s a step-by-step demonstration of this amazing 3-in-1 book for toddlers – a story you can really get into.
Convertible Tractor – Convertible – Miles Kelly

Convertible Tractor can be used as a board book for children to read a simple story that introduces key ideas for toddlers such as farm animals and outdoor activities.

Convertible Tractor – Convertible – Miles Kelly
The Convertible book can then be unfolded into a long concertina page so that kids can use it as playmat with their toys, following the journey of Farmer Bob across country roads and all the sights and people he meets along the way.

Convertible Tractor – Convertible – Miles Kelly

After play time, when the kids are ready for more, this board book can be easily rebuilt as a sit-in tractor. The outside transforms into an awesome green tractor and the story is cleverly hidden away on the inside.

Convertible Tractor – Convertible – Miles Kelly

When children have had enough farming for one day, this 3-in-1 book can be folded up to into a practical, flat, storage-friendly book to save lots of time and mess. Convertible Tractor is easily transportable so that the fun can be unfolded again, any place, any time.

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