Day 2. Challenge! Conductor or insulator?

February 17, 2015

Some materials let electricity pass through them easily. Others don’t let electricity pass through them at all. Here’s one of our simple science experiments for kids to find out which materials are which.

You will need
1.5V AA battery, short, thick elastic band, 1.5V torch bulb (not LED bulb) 2 lengths of kitchen foil (20 cm x 2 cm), scissors, paper, pen, objects made from various materials, such as paper, wood, glass, plastic, metal

1. First you’ll need to make a basic circuit. Download instructions for a basic circuit here.
2. Touch the base of the bulb and the end of the second foil strip on either end of a plastic ruler or pen. What happens to the bulb?
3. Repeat step a using other objects. Each time, write down the name of the object and its material in a results table. Put an X next to it if the bulb does not light up, and a tick if it does.

Find out how electricity is generated here.

Which materials let electricity through them? Do they have anything in common?
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