Day 1. Make! An eclipse kit

February 16, 2015

Sometimes the Sun, Moon and Earth line up. As the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, the Moon’s shadow falls on Earth. This is called a solar eclipse. If you are in the darkest part of the shadow, you will see a total eclipse. In the partial shadow around this, you will see a partial eclipse.

To see how an eclipse works, try this easy science experiment for kids!

You will need
Shoebox, scissors, black card, yellow tissue paper, sticky tape, cocktail stick

How to make
1. Cut a window at each end of your shoebox and then cut a slit across the width of the box lid.
2. Cut out a square of black card small enough to slide into the slit in the box.
3. Cut out a circle from the middle of the card and stick yellow tissue paper over the hole.
4. Stick a cocktail stick to the black card circle (you will use this as your Moon).
5. Slide the square of black card into the slot on the box and hold the box up to the light. Look through it to see your Sun.

How to use
Push your Moon into the slit in the box behind the square of card. Move it slowly across your Sun to make an eclipse.

To understand the real event, watch a video of a solar eclipse here.

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