Read! Rumpelstiltskin story by the Brothers Grimm

February 23, 2015

Read! Rumpelstiltskin story by the Brothers Grimm

Don’t get yourself in a spin; we’ve got a fantastic free download of Rumpelstiltskin!

Get your minds spinning with this wonderful free storybook of the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale Rumpelstiltskin…

Once upon a time there was a miller, who was a boastful man. One day the miller’s daughter was spinning cloth in a doorway, when the king rode past. He stopped and spoke to the girl, and the miller began to boast, “She can even spin straw into gold, Your Majesty!” he said. 

Needless to say, the poor girl could do nothing of the sort, but the king was greedy. He took the miller’s daughter to his palace. There, he shut her in a room with a spinning wheel and a huge pile of straw saying, “Spin this straw into gold by morning or it’ll be the worse for you!”

As soon as the door was locked the girl began to cry. The task was impossible. Suddenly she heard a little voice saying, “Do stop crying! You’ll make the straw all wet, and then we’ll have no chance of turning it into gold!” Standing in front of her was a strange little man with long skinny legs and huge feet. “Give me your necklace and I will do what the king has asked,” snapped the man.

To read the full story, download Rumpelstiltskin story book.

The wonderful Rumpelstiltskin story can be found in our Grimm's Fairy Tales, which is a collection of enchanting stories from the most famous storytelling partnership of all time.

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