Challenge! Discover the power of air pressure

Discover the power of air pressure with our fantastic fun science experiments for kids, which is ideal for all young scientists.

Discover air pressure kids science experiment – Kids' Conner – Miles KellyAir is all around us and it also presses on us; this is called air pressure. Discover how air pressure works with just a few supplies and our free science experiment guide to see the amazing power of air pressure in action.

Here’s how to test air pressure, but remember to do this on a clear work surface as there may be some spillage!

What you’ll need:
Clean and empty jar
Washing-up bowl
Petroleum jelly
Square of thin card (bigger than the jar opening)
Optional – food colouring

1. Fill a jar with water and add food colouring to make it fun.

2. Smear the rim of the jar with a thick layer of petroleum jelly.

3. Put a square of card on the jar so that it touches the rim all round.

4. Hold the jar over the washing-up bowl. Support the card with one hand and turn the jar over, then take your hand away from the card.

5. Does the card hold the water?

Click here to download our fun and free air pressure science experiments for kids.

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