Make! An elephant gift tag

February 12, 2015

Have you got some last-minute presents to wrap and no gift tags? Here's your chance to save the day and make some labels with a difference.

Use our fantastic printable gift tag template and guide for making wonderful elephant gift tags. These gift tags are simple to make and an ideal craft for animal lovers.

Here’s how to make our handmade gift tags… 

What you’ll need
Card – thick grey and white
Eye stickers or googly eyes
Hole punch
Thread or ribbon

1. Fold a piece of grey card in half. Draw the outline of an elephant’s body – use the instructions as a guide for creating the right shape.
2. Cut out the shape but make sure you do not cut along the folded edge.
3. Using the gift tag template provided, draw a head and ear on another piece of grey card and cut these out with scissors.
4. Draw a tusk and toes on the white card and cut them out.
5. Add glue to the body parts you have cut out and stick them on the elephant’s body.
6. Add an eye sticker or googly eye to the elephant’s head.
7. Punch a hole at the back of the body and attach the ribbon or thread.
8. When you’ve finished, write your message on the inside and attach to your fantastic gifts!

Click here to download the elephant gift tag template and instructions.

Homemade elephant gift tag template – kids' corner – Miles Kelly

If you enjoyed this project and would like to make more great animal crafts, take a look at Make Safari Animals and Make Jungle Animals.

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