How to... make a Valentine’s gift for under £5

February 03, 2015

Getting kids involved in Valentine’s Day is simple and affordable with our Valentine crafts for kids. Make a personalised sweet jar that the kids can surprise mummy and daddy with, or to give to a special friend or teacher at school.

To make a personalised sweet jar, you will need:
• An old-fashioned sweet jar – there are many different styles available and plastic ones can be found online for around £1.50 each. Or you could use an empty, clean, jam jar.
• Some material to put over the top – anything pink or red will look great, maybe some gingham or other patterned material.
• Some colourful ribbon to make a bow – this can be found online or in a local craft shop.
• Sweets of your choice to fill the jar – we’d recommend jelly lips, jelly hearts, heart-shaped chocolates or Lovehearts. You could have a mixture, but with a single Loveheart amongst them!
• Coloured card to make a label
• Small piece of string or hessian
• A red pen
• Stickers, glitter glue and paint to decorate if desired


Here’s our version of this easy-to-make homemade Valentine’s gift:

1. Firstly, make sure your jar is clean! Then fill it up to the brim with lovely sweeties, making sure you can close the lid properly.

2. Then take your material and cut it so that there is at least 5cm of excess hanging over when it is loosely placed on top.

3. Take your ribbon and tie it into a bow, securing the material over the top.

4. Cut out a heart shape from the card and make a small hole near the edge.

5. Write a special message on your label. Some ideas are ‘To my sweetheart’, ‘To Mummy/To Daddy… because you’re so sweet!’, or the traditional ‘Love from your Valentine’.

6. Loop the string through the label hole and tie it round the neck of the jar.

7. Finally, add any decoration you wish to the outside of the jar. 

And there you have a very sweet present for somebody to enjoy! There are many different ways to make a personalised sweet jar such as using a cupcake case like the one below:


Have a look at some more valentine crafts for kids on our Pinterest board here:

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