How to... make learning maths fun!

Helping your child learn numbers and maths might not seem like the easiest thing to do but we’ve come to your rescue! We have searched the web for five of the best maths games for kids that will help encourage young ones to learn through creative play.

Here is our selection of favourite do-it-yourself and hands-on numeracy activities to get kids minds buzzing.

Digging for Dinosaur Bones Maths Game by The Imagination Tree
This fun activity is great for sensory learning as well as numeracy skills. Make ten dinosaur bones out of salt dough in a variety of different lengths, draw around them in size order on a piece of card and then bury them in some fresh soil. Let your child dig for the bones. Did they get all ten? Can they fit them on the card in the right order?

Monster Maths Printables by Stimulating Learning with Rachel
This fun maths game is a simple and creative way for kids to learn numbers. All you need is a monster mat printout, a dice and googly eyes. Roll the dice, ask your child to identify the number and then count out the right amount of eyes and place them on the monster. After they have counted correctly, let them write the number in the number box. To make this game last longer, why not make your monster mats wipe-clean – this way you can do the same activity with their favourite monster again and again.

Counting Practice for Toddlers with Pom-poms and Tubes by Where Imagination Grows
This simple activity is great fun for toddlers to practice counting. Line up five tall, colourful containers, write 1 to 5 on them in dry erase markers and collect a selection of small pom-poms that will fit inside. Help your child sort out the corresponding number of pom-poms needed in each container. To make it easier for younger learners, add the right number of dots on the containers to help them count.

Plastic Bottle Number Bowling by Learn with Play at Home
Plastic bottle number bowling is a fun game that can be easily changed to just be for fun or more maths-learning orientated. Paint 1 to 10 on ten empty plastic bottles, once dry place them on the ground in a ten-pin-bowling-like shape and have your child bowl a ball towards the pins. Use the pins to help them make 10; after each shot have them count how many pins are down and how many are still up and lead them to the fact that the number of pins always adds up to 10.

LEGO Garden Preschool Math by The Educators’ Spin On It
Kids can have hours of fun with Lego, so why not turn it into a fun maths game? Prompt your child to make towers that are ten bricks high, to make towers in alternate colours or to count the bricks in the highest tower they can build. The Educators’ Spin On It also suggests some other great activities using Lego, including number recognition, number sense and a literacy extension.

We hope this collection of great maths games for kids helps make playtime fun and rewarding for your child. Remember to be enthusiastic, let your child ask questions and encourage them to learn – but most of all have fun!

Don’t forget to check out our Learn to Write Collection, which helps children develop pen control through a set of wipe-clean activity books that introduce letters, numbers and words.

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