How to... plan the perfect pirate party!

January 09, 2015

Ahoy, me hearties, listen closely. We’ve got a bounty of swashbuckling ideas to inspire you to throw the best pirate party ever. Arrgghh!

First things first, party invitations
It’s not going to be much of a party unless people turn up, so why not send out fantastic invites that will have excitement building from the moment they are delivered. Create treasure maps with details of how partygoers can find the party’s location or send a message in a bottle. Don’t forget to include whether you want people to wear pirate costumes!

Piratey decorations
Pirate party decorations don’t have to cost a lot of money to be very effective. Use red and black balloons, create your own centrepieces using cardboard chests, coins and costume jewellery, and make pirate bunting using black and red card. You can make homemade pirate flags and try using a fishing net instead of a tablecloth. Make easy telescopes by covering cardboard tubes with black and gold card – or get the young buccaneers to make them as part of the party’s activities.

Shiver me timbers, it’s food time
Adapting classic party foods for a pirate party is really easy. Having cupcakes? Create small pirate flags using card, attach to cocktail sticks and pop them in the top of the cakes. Make a pirate punch with fruit juice, add some bright food colouring and gummy sharks to make it a deadly ocean. Other simple options are cheesy crisp balls for cannon balls and chicken nuggets labelled as golden nuggets. And if you really want to impress your guests, why not make a pirate ship cake!

Fun and games
Pirate party games are a great way to get the young adventurers to have fun. Make your own pin the eye patch on the pirate, walk the plank game with an old piece of wood, and even create a treasure chest filled with sand so they can dig for buried treasure. Send them on a scavenger hunt, hang a pirate-ship-shaped piñata and set up a ring toss game on to a pirate’s hook.

Plunder-ful loot bags
Thank your guests with a pirate-themed loot bag to take home. Fill brown or clear cellophane bags with gold chocolate coins, eye patches, gummy sharks and fish, pirate temporary tattoos and stickers. Why not also add a little message to thank them for coming. For example – we arrgghh so glad you came or thank you for coming, matey!

Check out our Pirate Party Pinterest board, which is filled with even more ideas to inspire you!

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