5 fantastic New Year’s resolutions for families

January 07, 2015

Now that the New Year celebrations are over, it’s time to start thinking about the year ahead. One way of looking forward is by making New Year’s resolutions.

The act of making New Year’s resolutions dates back to Roman times, where Romans would make promises, forgive their enemies and give gifts to the Roman mythical God Janus – the month of January is named after Janus. They believed that Janus would then bless them for the year to come.

We have put together a selection of New Year’s resolution ideas that you and the whole family can try and achieve in 2015.

British Wildflowers and Trees Handbook – Miles Kelly
1. Spend more time outside:

 Whether it’s a quick walk to the park or a fantastic stroll through a wooded forest, getting outside and being active is a great way to spend time as a family and keep fit. We recommend using our British Wildflowers and Trees Handbook to add fun and education to your wanderings.

50 Utterly Silly Stories – Miles Kelly2. Read together more: Spend time reading books, magazines, newspapers or cereal boxes. It doesn’t matter! Reading should be fun and an activity both you and your child can enjoy. Whether it’s the latest Peppa Pig magazine issue or a children’s encyclopedia, read it together and have fun! We recommend 50 Utterly Silly Stories for reading together, as it is filled with nonsensical tales and hilarious illustrations.

Super Science Experiments – Miles Kelly

3. Get unplugged and turn off the electronics:
 It’s fair to say that mobile phones, tablet computers and televisions have taken over our everyday lives and it seems impossible to avoid them. Why not suggest having one weekend a month where the whole family unplugs and has fun without the use of technology? You could play board games, go outside on adventures or have crafting weekends. We recommend using our fantastic Super Science Experiments activity book, which is packed full of fun and educational experiments for you and the kids to try at home.

Classic Treasury Bedtime Stories – Miles Kelly4. Get more sleep: We can all confess to staying up later then we should; but if you’re also dealing with a child that just won’t fall asleep, the evenings can be disastrous. Why not create a night-time checklist or read a passage from their favourite book to get them to sleep? We recommend reading some of the great stories from our Classic Treasury Bedtime Stories.

100 Facts Saving the Earth5. Recycle more: Being greener, recycling more and managing your waste is a great and achievable goal for 2015. You can take easy steps to lower your impact on the environment, such as creating a compost heap in your garden, recycling all your plastic packaging and reusing bags when shopping at a supermarket. Get the whole family involved and make this year your greenest. We recommend using our 100 Facts Saving the Earth to educate young minds on green issues.
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