Sean’s trip to Shanghai in 7 questions…

January 05, 2015

1. What did you expect from your trip to the Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair 2014?

Having a few book fairs under my belt now, I had in mind an idea of how the event would go. The event was well organised, the publishers and people were friendly and the general experience was a very positive one. I would recommend both the fair, to others in this sector of the publishing industry, and Shanghai itself, to everyone.

Sean at the Miles Kelly stand at the Shanghai International Children's Book Fair 2014 – Miles Kelly

2. How long was the flight and where did you stay?

The flight was 13 hours each way, so quite a long flight and also my longest flight to date. I stayed at a hotel not far from the exhibition, which was ideal and it gave great views of the city.

3. How big was the Shanghai Book Fair?

From speaking with other publishers that attended the event, the fair at Shanghai is smaller than the fair in Beijing. However, the Shanghai fair is solely focused on children’s books and in that respect was fairly large.

Outside Shanghai International Children's Book Fair 2014 – Miles Kelly

4. Was the Book Fair a success?

From my own personal experience, the fair was very successful. I arrived with 11 booked meetings and left the fair having had 20+ meetings over the 3 days; alongside some very short chats on walks with publishers. From speaking with the other UK publishers that attended the event, I think it was a very successful fair all round and has increased on the success of the previous year.

5. What new foods, if any, did you try?

During my trip I tried a jellied rice dish that had the appearance of a clear pasta, which was very nice. I also tried bubble tea, which I shall definitely be trying to find back in the UK.

6. What was your favourite part of the trip?

I find when I travel for work, it’s meeting with the publishers that I enjoy the most. Outside of the main book fairs such as Bologna or Frankfurt, travelling to meet with publishers specific to that particular country allows for slightly longer meetings and for you to get a better understanding of the people and the industry. I love meeting new people and building relationships and friendships with existing customers.

Sean sat in a Miles Kelly Convertible Spaceship book at Frankfurt Book Fair – Miles Kelly

7. Did you get to sit in a Convertible, something you do a lot at book fairs? (see a photo from Frankfurt Book Fair above) 

Sadly not this time but I look forward to the publication of our new Convertible Tractor book for 2015! :)