Draw! A beautiful butterfly

December 24, 2014

Draw a butterfly – Miles KellyEver wanted to know how to draw a butterfly? Well, look no further! We have put together a simple how-to guide for drawing a beautiful butterfly. So next time you’re on a country walk, trip to the forest or visit to the park, you'll be able to get out your notebook and carry on sketching even after it's fluttered away.

Download this free printable drawing guide for a beautiful butterfly.

Did you know?
• Most kinds of insects have two pairs of wings and use them to fly from place to place. One of the strongest fliers is the Apollo butterfly of Europe and Asia.
• The Monarch butterfly has bright, bold colours on its wings. These warn other animals, such as birds and lizards, that its flesh tastes horrible and is poisonous!

This how to draw a butterfly guide has been taken from our fantastic How to Draw Brilliant Bugs book. This book is part of a wonderful series of How to Draw books that have been specially designed with step-by-step instructions for kids.

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