Challenge! Write your name in hieroglyphs

December 24, 2014

Write your name in hieroglyphs – Miles Kelly

The ancient Egyptian alphabet was made up of around 700 pictures called hieroglyphs. Each picture represented a sound, object or idea. This complicated system was developed in around 3100 BC, and is one of the oldest written languages in the world.

Use this free downloadable chart to write your name in pictures, just like the Egyptians did!

Colouring pencils

1 Looking at the chart, copy the hieroglyphs that make up the letters of your name. Try using a different colour for each symbol.
2 Draw a border around your name and colour it in. Once cut out, you could use it as a sign for your bedroom door.

If you like this activity and would like to learn more about ancient Egypt, take a look at Project Ancient Egypt and 100 Facts Ancient Egypt.

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