Draw! A terrifying Triceratops!

How to draw a dinosaur – Triceratops – Miles KellyStep back in time to when dinosaurs roamed Earth with our free how to draw a dinosaur kids' activity sheet. This free download has been taken from our How to Draw Scary Dinosaurs book and is a fantastic step-by-step drawing guide, perfect for kids who are learning to draw.

Here’s our guide for drawing one of the greatest dinosaurs, Triceratops:
1 Draw an oval that ends in a point at one end. Add four legs and a curving tail.
2 Add the horns and begin to shape the head by drawing the beaklike mouth.
Start to shade in the tones and wrinkles under and around the legs. Shape the head and the neck frill.
4 Shade the horns to make them look 3D, and add detail to the head and skin.
5 Add colour using greens and blues. Use brown for details and shadows. Leave some pale highlights on the horns and around the mouth. Create bumpy skin by drawing circles in greens and browns. Then use a sharp pencil to draw lines, following the outlines of parts of the circles.

Download our step-by-step guide to drawing a dinosaur.

Bonus dinosaur facts about Triceratops:
• Triceratops means ‘three-horned face’
• Triceratopses were 9 metres long and weighed more than 5 tonnes!

These free activity sheets are from our How to Draw Scary Dinosaurs book. The How to Draw series has been specially designed for kids and is an ideal way to get kids learning to draw through its easy step-by-step guide and clear instructions. The six books in the collection include drawing cars, bugs, animals and fairies.

Don’t forget, we’d loved to see your child’s efforts! Please send us pictures of their artwork to our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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