Top 5 books for Christmas for children aged 9+

December 19, 2014

Project Space – Miles KellyFor wannabe astronauts…
Project Space £7.49
Filled with fascinating facts and awesome illustrations, this book is perfect for wannabe space explorers. This book encourages fun and interactive learning through 11 hands-on projects. Kids will love this exciting book, covering key topics such as the Big Bang, stars and galaxies, and the Solar System.

Classic Tales of Vampires and Shapeshifters – Miles KellyFor supernatural fans…
Classic Tales of Vampires and Shapeshifters £11.24
This book is filled with chilling stories and scary extracts, by well established writers, that are perfect for kids to sink their teeth into when the sun goes down and the fire is turned up. This is the ultimate vampire book for kids, where they can enter the domain of these blood-sucking creatures.

Children's Atlas of the World – Miles KellyFor budding explorers…
Children’s Atlas of the World From £7.49
Detailed maps, country fact files and amazing statistics make this book perfect for younger explorers to discover more about the world. With amazing photographs and annotated maps, this atlas will keep inquisitive minds hooked after Christmas dinner!

Classic Treasury Animal Stories - Miles KellyFor animal lovers…
Classic Treasury Animal Stories £11.24
It’s time to gather round the fire and snuggle up to enjoy some fantastical tales of animals, which will amaze and amuse. This beautifully illustrated storybook is perfect for sharing and the numerous tales will have children’s imaginations running wild.

Historical Heroes – Miles KellyFor history buffs…
Historical Heroes £11.24
Jam-packed with fun facts and amusing tales, Historical Heroes will have the whole family giggling this festive season. Journey back in time and discover how some of the historical greats lived, the battles they fought, what they ate and what was their fatal downfall through this brilliant and entertaining book.

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