Miles Kelly's Favourite Festive Foods at Christmas

December 19, 2014

Favourite festive foods – Miles KellyChristmas is great for spending quality time with the kids, reconnecting with old friends, and watching Grandpa lose his glasses for the nineteenth time (spoiler alert – they’re always on the top of his head!). It is also the time for good cheer, great food and too many sherries! 

Food is never far from the minds of many at Miles Kelly and Christmas is just another excuse for the team to enjoy themselves at the buffet table. We’ve decided to take the teams passion for food and asked them what their favourite foods and drinks are this festive season.


“My favourite food at Christmas is honey-roasted parsnips and brussel sprouts! I’m the only one who likes sprouts but I always make sure there are lots. We cook them with chestnuts and bacon lardons, which I’m sure takes away their ‘healthiness’, but they taste amazing! We drink lots of wine and order two big barrels of traditional beer from a Norfolk brewery, which we slowly get through over the festive period.”

“On Christmas Day, I spend the afternoon helping my mum cook (peeling loads of veg!) with a port and lemon in hand. Then we eat a 3-course meal at about 6pm because my mum likes it to be dark outside to best show the Christmas tree lights and candles on the dining table! During dinner, I always challenge my brother to eat as many roast potatoes as he can – I think his personal best is 16!”

“I love bread sauce dearly but only eat it at Christmas – the lack of it throughout the year makes it such a huge treat on Christmas day. I think it’s the ultimate comfort food. As for food traditions, my husband likes icing and marzipan but hates fruitcake. Luckily my sister likes fruitcake and loathes marzipan, so every year they take a slice each, dismantle them and do a swap – one gets all cake, the other gets all topping, and everyone’s happy (until we all start bickering about something else).”

“Christmas is not a good time for me food-wise. I don’t consider myself a fussy eater, but I hate cooked fruit in things, so I don’t eat mince pies, Christmas cake or Christmas pudding. My mum used to let me make mini chocolate mince pies, which I loved. When you heated them through, the chocolate melted inside and went everywhere when you bit into them! Yum!”

“You can’t have Christmas day in my house without eggnog! We make jugs of it up for when we play board games in the evening. My favourite Christmas food is definitely mince pies – gluten-free of course!”

What’s your favourite Christmas food and drink? Let us know in the comments section below or via Facebook or Twitter.

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