Miles Kelly celebrated Christmas Jumper Day in style!

December 04, 2014

Save the Children holds an annual Christmas Jumper Day to help raise money for children in need all over the world. On 12th December, for Christmas Jumper Day 2014, Miles Kelly raised over £50 for the charity and had a lot of laughs in the process! The team wore their novelty Christmas jumpers and tested out a newly invented party game, just for the occasion – 'Stick the nose on the snowman.'

 Jo, winner of 'Stick the nose on the snowman' (Left) Louise, runner up for 'Best jumper' award (Middle), and Belinda, winner of 'Best jumper' award (Right).


The Miles Kelly team also revealed the thinking behind their most important festive fashion decisions past and future…

Sarah's #XmasJumperDay sweater – Miles KelltSarah: I chose mine for the snowman, and I like that the carrot nose, scarf and buttons 'come out' of the jumper as little extras. I particularly love the 'sticky out' carrot nose!

Caroline: I haven't chosen mine for this year, but last year I went for a white fluffy number – to incorporate both warmth, and hopefully a bit of style! I think wearing the Christmas jumper really gets you in the festive spirit.

Jo: I bought the jumper I’ll be wearing because it reminded me of the Alice in Wonderland book cover I designed. It’s a pale baby blue with a cute top half of a white rabbit, a bit shaggy and very cosy.

Katie's #XmasJumperDay sweater – Miles KellyKatie: I got my first Christmas jumper last year as a Christmas present. It is a sequined penguin number from New Look and it really made me smile because it’s such a cute penguin. I’ll probably wear it again this year.

Fran: I picked last year’s one (it was grey with a stag on the front) because I could jazz it up to make it into Rudolph! I threaded glittery bits round his antlers, made some felt holly and sewed on a red cardboard nose. Also, I just like deer, so I’ve worn it since without the Christmas bits.

Amy: I actually own three Christmas jumpers, but my favourite one has a big Father Christmas face on it. It always makes me feel really festive – I don’t think you’re ever too old for Father Christmas!

Amanda's #XmasJumperDay sweater – Miles KellyAmanda: This is my ideal Christmas jumper because it looks super comfy, like I’m getting a warm hug all day long! And a sequined reindeer – who wouldn’t want that kind of sparkle in their life?!

Laura: My festive jumper isn’t very festive and in fact it’s not technically a jumper! But I do wear it every year over the Christmas period. My number one festive fashion choice is my heat tech poloneck from Uniqlo. There may be more attractive jumpers out there but none warmer!

Rosie: I’m someone who likes all colours as long as they’re black, so my most festive jumper isn’t exactly traditional – it’s deep red, with a bit of a leopard print. I think it counts as long as I’m eating a mince pie!

Steph: As the reigning Christmas Xmas jumper champion, I’m still in two minds whether to create another visual masterpiece or to give someone else a chance. I won with a hand-stitched, felt Xmas tree sweater with pink fairy lights.

Visit Save the Children to see what you can do this year to help raise money for this amazing cause by celebrating Christmas Jumper Day 2015.

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