National Non-Fiction November: Why we love non-fiction!

November 19, 2014

At Miles Kelly, we specialise in fantastic non-fiction books for kids, packed with awesome facts and great images. With our books, we look to inspire young minds, and non-fiction is the perfect way of doing that. So we decided to take a look at why we love non-fiction…

National Non-fiction November was created to celebrate all things factual. Up until last year, we only celebrated National Non-fiction Day, but now the whole month is a dedicated to every reader, author and illustrator who has a passion for facts and information.

Non-fiction is defined as being based on facts and information. It cites real-life people, in real-life places, who have done real-life things, or factual information that has been recorded throughout time. Non-fiction stretches from books on the ancient Egyptian world and space to encyclopedias and survival guides. Reading non-fiction is a great way to get young people thinking about the world around them and questioning things that happen in their everyday lives.

To celebrate National Non-Fiction November (run by Federation of Children's Book Groups), we asked some of the fabulous Miles Kelly team why they love non-fiction and what are their favourite non-fiction books for kids or adults.

Katie: “I like non-fiction because you always learn something new and interesting that you have to tell somebody else to get that ‘I-can’t-believe-it’ face. My favourite non-fiction books when I was younger were the Top 10 of Everything annuals, which I used to ask for every Christmas.”

Laura: “I love reading non-fictional accounts and travel books about places that I'm going to visit. It always makes me more excited about my holiday beforehand and it's great to know a bit more about your surroundings when you get there!”

Rosie: “I think at its best, non-fiction is just another approach to storytelling. The diary of someone whose life is utterly different from your own gives you an insight into experiences you will never have. An atlas can conjure up far-flung places – and inspire you to visit them. A book about space lets you explore the frontiers of human knowledge. And all non-fiction has the in-built advantage of being incredible because it’s true. My favourite non-fiction book is My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell, an account of the author’s childhood spent in Corfu. It is funny, warm, and full of fascinating information.”

Becky: “I love non-fiction because I love discovering new things. I like opening a book and learning something I didn’t know before. From an early age, my dad would always buy me non-fiction books rather than fiction and we would sit and read them together and learn loads of new things. My favourite non-fiction book is 100 Facts Space, as I have always loved learning about our incredible Solar System and the photos inside are amazing!”

Sarah: “I really enjoy reading non-fiction. I've recently read and loved Alexandra Heminsley's Running Like a Girl. It's great to be able to read books about subjects you love and are passionate about. I find sport non-fiction in particular very inspiring.”

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