Why our bears mean so much!

Children in Need fun at Miles KellyIt's an exciting day at Miles Kelly because we're raising money for BBC Children in Need 2014! The money raised will go on to support disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.

Today the team are taking part in BBC Essex radio’s Bring a Bear to Work Day. Each staff member brought a childhood teddy bear with them to work and spent the day with him or her at their desks, in return for a donation to the fantastic cause. Some of the team shared lovely stories on why their bears mean so much to them.

Lorraine and Bob:
“Bob belongs to my daughter, who insisted I bring him with me today – after asking him if he wanted to first, of course! She has had him since she was a baby and he evens sleeps with her in bed.”

Thom and Geoffrey:
“While pregnant with me, my mother was in Bath when she spotted Geoff in a shop window. Unfortunately the shop was closed and she wouldn’t have the chance to come back. She was determined that Geoff was the bear for me, so she wrote the shop-keeper a letter explaining how much she loved the bear and wanted him for her unborn son. She asked if it would be possible to have Geoff sent to her, enclosed some money, slipped it through the door and crossed her fingers. A few weeks later, as she was starting to lose hope, a parcel arrived… Geoff has been with me my whole life and is very special.”

Jenni and Rupert:
“I hadn’t told anyone in my family that we were bringing bears into work today. Last night I asked my 15-year-old son to empty the last of the boxes in his bedroom from our recent house move. When I went up to bed, I found this bear on my dressing table. Calum had placed him there to say ‘Hey, remember Rupert?’. I decided this was the bear I would bring into work today because 15 years ago, Kate and Jim Miles bought this bear for Calum, just after he was born.”

Katie and Poggle:
“I have had Poggle since I was 2 years old. My mum’s friend, who used to look after me when my mum was at work, gave him to me as a present. I think he’s special as he is totally unique, very colourful and his species still remains a mystery – he can tuck his arms and legs up into a little ball so that he can go to sleep!”

Becky and Mrs Bunny:
“Although Mrs Bunny is not strictly a bear, she is my most cherished cuddly toy and she is the ruler of my teddy bears at home. She has been with me for over 20 years and has been loved so much that her ears have been stitched back on – twice!”

Amanda and Baby Bunny:
"I was born 11 weeks premature and it was touch and go for a little while. So I wouldn't be alone in my incubator, my dad bought me Baby Bunny. All of my other soft toys are long  gone, but Baby Bunny sits on my windowsill, watching over me!"

Tell us why you love your Children in Need bears on Twitter or Facebook.

Miles Kelly is also be raising money for BBC Children in Need 2014 in partnership with Great Bardfield Primary School. We have organised a day of fun, Children in Need activities at a local primary school, where they will also bring in their favourite teddy bears. Read how we got on here.


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