A singing tea party at Richard House Children's Hospice

November 06, 2014

Miles Kelly often receives requests for donations to a good cause, so when we received an email from Richard House Children’s Hospice, we were keen to get books out the door!

However, some words really caught our attention – ‘London’s first children’s hospice.’ This was a little hidden gem in London’s East End that provides help and hope to over 300 families with terminally ill children and children with special needs. They support the children ‘to create positive experiences that become good memories for the future’.

Intrigued by the work of this amazing children’s hospice, Miles Kelly's Marketing Assistant, Katie, decided to hand-deliver the books and help out at the tea party event that was being held for the children and their families on Sunday 2nd November.

Katie’s experience...

"On arrival, I felt really welcomed and was thanked by all members of staff and the Connect India team, who funded the day, for giving up my time. I was given my own heart badge to wear and everyone was asked to sit in a circle and introduce themselves by saying their name and acting out something they like to do – the children had many different interests, from sport to reading.

The day was hosted by Nimo, a musician and rapper, specialising in spreading joy and happiness through his music. There were lots of fun activities for kids that were based around the themes of kindness, love and messages of strength and determination that can be heard in music. It was so great to see all the kids getting involved; writing, painting or dancing about their feelings, and discussing all the reasons they have to be happy and proud of who they are. The highlight was a special performance of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ by a little boy who just couldn’t stop smiling.

There were many children with different disabilities but they all had one thing in common – they had the support of their loving families, the dedicated staff at the hospice and the feeling that they are part of a community at Richard House Children’s Hospice. I felt honoured to visit these special children and to leave some Miles Kelly books for them to enjoy when they stay at the hospice."

Every donation counts, so if you wish to support Richard House Children’s Hospice, please visit the donation page.

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