Miles Kelly visits Richard House Children's Hospice

November 06, 2014

Miles Kelly visited Richard House Children’s Hospice, London’s first children’s hospice, in East London on 2nd November for an activity day and tea party event. Founded in 2000, the hospice now supports over 300 families in the local area and is integral to the lives of these children.

The event was funded by Connect India, a charity dedicated to building better lives for young people and communities, and was a chance for the children to bring their families, including their siblings, for a day of fun. This included an appearance from successful rapper/non–profit charity worker ‘Nimo’ who performed songs from his ‘Empty Hands’ album. There were many activities for kids throughout the day – one involving children writing about and painting their emotions while listening to various pieces of moving music; another was making instruments to perform their own songs.

This day offered an opportunity for everyone to discuss the reasons the children and their parents had to be positive about the present and the future, and why the children should maintain the belief that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. Many parents and children expressed how grateful they were for the work that the hospice put into providing the children, not only with the hope of a longer life, but a reason to smile everyday.

Miles Kelly donated a collection of non-fiction books and story books to the hospice’s library to provide both key learning resources and to encourage reading. The hospice relies almost entirely on donations, so if you wish to contribute in any way you can, please visit Richard House Children’s Hospice.

Read Katie's first-hand experience at the event.


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