The Bookseller supports our #booksmeanmore campaign

The Bookseller editor, Philip Jones, is in full support of our #booksmeanmore campaign: "Books are the perfect Christmas gift... Because they create a two-way bond between the gifted and recipient across the imagination super-highway."

Read Katie's blog on The Bookseller to kickstart the campaign:

With Christmas just around the corner, and some parents having already started the frantic shopping trip to bag the latest gadgets, the team at children’s book publisher Miles Kelly felt that now was the right time to remind people why the gift of a single book can mean much more than piles of presents this Christmas.
Our influence to start a Christmas book campaign has been taken from our m.d. Gerard Kelly’s recent visit to Zambia with the Book Bus, a charity Miles Kelly continues to work with to improve literacy in disadvantaged areas of the world, where children cannot easily access a book. Read more at The Bookseller...


Do you give books as kids' Christmas presents? And for adults? Share your thoughts and photos using the hashtag #booksmeanmore

Read the thoughts of some of the biggest names in publishing, including Emily Drabble from Guardian's Children's Books.

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