Why should #booksmeanmore this Christmas?

November 03, 2014

Today, Miles Kelly launches the campaign #BooksMeanMore in the lead up to Christmas to encourage British shoppers to look beyond extravagant wish lists and buy a book as Christmas presents for kids, family members or friends.

Miles Kelly knows that there is a passion for books deep inside all of us and it may just need reawakening in some. That feeling of being immersed in a great story is a feeling like no other and an amazing gift to give to someone special – one that beats the traditional perfume and toiletry set!

As a children’s book publisher, Miles Kelly thinks that encouraging children to read more is very important as it sets up their love of reading for life. We believe that everyone can contribute to the cause by swapping at least one present they would usually buy for a book! Whether you're giving out-of-this-world fact books or beautiful novels that lead the reader into a fantasy world, books always work well as Christmas presents for kids of any age. Read the thoughts of some of the biggest names in publishing on our #booksmeanmore campaign here.

Get involved in the campaign by sharing your thoughts or photos of your book gifts (wrapped – don’t spoil the surprise!) using the hashtag #booksmeanmore. To keep up with the news, visit the Miles Kelly blog, and our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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