Dive into our NEW Convertible Submarine!

April 22, 2016

Hop on board our Convertible Submarine for toddlers aged 3+...

As with all of our Convertible books, Convertible Submarine contains a charming story inside. Featuring an exciting story about an underwater dive to find buried treasure, and transforming into a submarine for children to sit in, Convertible Submarine is our best 3-in-1 Convertible adventure yet.

1. Read it as a book

Fold the book out into a long playmat so your child can follow the story with their own toys, and look at and spot lots of different things. With this book, children can understand what goes on underwater by making observations and pointing out objects and sea creatures. 

2. Fold it out as a playmat

When the book is folded into submarine, toddlers can take on the role of captain and enjoy all of the responsibilities that they have. Watch as they invent their own underwater stories and learn about the sea, using the Convertible Submarine as a foundation for independent ideas and their own creativity.

3. Convert it into a sit-in Submarine

Simon Abbott’s vibrant illustrations finish off the Convertible Submarine spectacularly, providing detailed scenes that will encourage inquisitiveness in young children.

Find out How to Draw a Submarine with an amazing tutorial by Simon Abbott!