The History Book
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The History Book is the ultimate guide to the ancient world, with incredible facts, stunning photographs and artworks and fantastic design. Kids aged 9+ will be enthralled and excited from start to finish.

• This book only showcases the most exciting information to keep kids interested.
• Fantastic design concepts complement each subject to get kids hooked.
• Covers everything from mighty warriors to amazing constructions.

Four amazing chapters in The History Book:
• History Revealed: Go back in time and uncover a host of extreme events, ideas and people. Covers mummification, animals in wartime, castle siege, explorers, world wonders, heroes and villains, great warriors, plagues, fashion, strange foods, law and order, medieval medicine and much more!
• Unearth History: Dig deep to discover the mysteries of the past, from ancient artefacts to lost cities. Covers the greatest archeological finds, mighty monuments, ancient empires, ancient languages and codes, lost cities, preserved bodies, treasures, battlefield finds and much more!
• Building History: Explore a world of colossal constructions that reveal much about our past. Covers mighty megaliths, pyramids, landmarks, churches and cathedrals, bridges, the city of Petra, the Great Wall of China, , the Colosseum, Hagia Sophia, Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat and much more!
• Brutal Battles: Discover the facts behind battles that have become legend. Covers the Battle of Marathon, Alexander the Great, the Punic wars, the Battle of Maldon, Mongol sieges, samurai battles, Hundred Years War, the Spanish Armada, the Siege of the Alamo, World War One and World war Two, and much more!

Series: The Books
Authors and consultants: Simon Adams, Philip Steele, Stewart Ross, Richard Platt

Pages: 160

Age: 9+
Size: 297 x 228 mm

Format: Hardback with embossing, foil
, iridescent film
ISBN: 9781782098423

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