Day 4. Challenge! Can you make three states of matter?

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Ice, liquid water and steam are just water, but in solid, liquid and gas forms. In one of our simple water experiments for kids, your little ones will learn that water has different properties in each of the three states.

You will need
Hob, saucepan with lid, wooden spoon, ice cubes, thermometer that measures 0–100°C

Ice to water
1. Put a saucepan on the hob and cover the bottom of the saucepan with ice cubes. Press on the ice cubes with the wooden spoon and watch what happens.
2. Gently heat the saucepan and stir the ice. Ask an adult to help you heat the water on the hob because it will become hot. When the ice has begun to melt, test the temperature of the water with the thermometer.

Water to gas
1. Keep heating and melting the ice until you have liquid water. Look at how the liquid is different to the solid.
2. Turn up the heat. Ask an adult to help you test the temperature again to see if it has changed.
3. Soon you will see bubbles forming – the liquid water is turning to steam. Put a lid on the pan and turn off the heat before all the water is gone. You should have a pan full of steam. Don’t touch the pan as the steam will be very hot.

Take notes on the water in each state. Is it a solid, a liquid or a gas?

Understand how water changes during our planet’s water cycle here.

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