Make! Your own salt crystals

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Free science experiments for kids – Miles KellyDownload these two easy-peasy science experiments and learn how to make your own salt crystals at home and see conduction in action!

Crystal crazy
Table salt
Warm water
Dark-coloured bowl
Magnifying glass

1 Dissolve some table salt in warm water.
2 Put the bowl in a warm place, such as an airing cupboard or a sunny windowsill, so the water can evaporate.
3 After a few days, use a magnifying glass to see that the water has evaporated and the salt crystals have reformed!

Melting madness

Wooden ruler
Metal spoon
Plastic spatula
Frozen peas
Heatproof jug
Hot water

1. Fix a frozen pea to one end of each of the utensils (the ruler, spoon and spatula) with butter.
2. Put the other ends of the utensils in a heatproof jug.
3. Fill the jug with hot water, below where the butter sits.
4. Heat is transferred (conducted) from the hot water, up the object, to melt the butter.
5. Watch the butter to see which object melts the butter fastest.

Download the free science experiments worksheet for making salt crystals.

Enjoyed these experiments? Discover more with our Super Science Experiments for kids, which is bursting with wonderful experiments children can do at home. Let us know how you got on in the comments section below or via Facebook or Twitter.

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